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how I can help

A space for you to create lasting change

My goal is to make your experience of counselling as worthwhile and enjoyable as possible. I will provide a safe space to explore how you are feeling right now, gain clarity about what has brought you to this point and decide what you’d like to do differently moving forwards.

Throughout our work together, I will support you to put in place lasting positive changes in your life. We can meet online, by telephone, or face-to-face depending on your preference, schedule and where you are based.

a positive approach to counselling

The benefit of getting to know yourself

Counselling can help you to understand more about yourself, why you think and feel the way you to do and what would be beneficial to do differently moving forwards. It’s not always easy but I’m lucky enough to witness how by taking the time for themselves and putting one small initiative after another in place, my clients create brilliant changes to their wellbeing and their lives.
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What my clients say


Some of my clients have kindly shared details from their experience so you can learn more about what's like to work with me.

Online Client

With Karen I feel safe and supported to reveal all sorts of aspects of myself and to explore uncomfortable and difficult topics. Her wise and thoughtful feedback has helped me to realise and understand many things that are going on for me, and to find ways to work with them.

Online Client

Online Client

I have been working with Karen for over a year now, and I have found it tremendously productive and helpful. When we began working together, I was depressed and fearful about life. With Karen’s help, I am now joyful and excited about the future.

Online Client

Meeting you wherever you are

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