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Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

They are text files which contain small amounts of data. Cookies get saved by the websites you visit on the devices you use to browse the internet e.g. phone, tablets, desktop, laptop. 

Why are cookies used on this website,

A minimal number of cookies are used to enable certain features on my website. They help me to provide a good user experience to my visitors and to meet the General Data Protection Requirements (GDPR).

Cookie consent information

I am required to get your consent to the use of any non-essential cookies that we use on our website and do this using the popup which appears when you visit my website. 

It looks like this:

Types of cookies used

There are two types of cookies on my website as outlined in the table below:

How to control your cookie settings

The Information Commission’s Office (ICO) provides a useful guide on their website about cookies and how you can control or block them. You can access the guide via this link:

Further information

I appreciate that some of this information is quite technical so if you have any queries about any of the information contained in this policy, please contact me by email or via the contact form on this website. This policy is reviewed, and updated as necessary, on either an annual basis or when the types of cookies used on the website change, whichever is sooner.

February 2024